Content vs Quality

It is important for instructors to note that the quality of performance is more important than ‘knowing’ the requirements for kyu or belt exams. In other words, it doesn’t really matter whether the test calls for complex combinations or if the test is for two hours. Quality of performance can be noted in a few minutes. It is not unusual for kyu or dan examinations to become test of physical endurance as a means of compensating for lack of quality and correct understanding of karate techniques.

2 thoughts on “Content vs Quality

  1. Agreed. Karate is not running (as an example) nor is running karate. The ability to run a 4 minute mile does not mean one has the ability to perform a kata correctly. I think its great if you can do 100 pushups or run 10 miles, and those skills might help improve ones karate. Yet those things in themselves are not karate, so what is the point in including those things in a karate examination?

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